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Soneva Gili to be relaunched in Baa Atoll

Soneva Group’s CEO, Sonu Sivadasani is now channelling energy back towards his first 
love – the Sonevas – and taking sustainability to the next level.

In a recent interview Sonu Sivadasani talked about the plans to reintroduce Soneva Gili “The next big project (for Soneva Group) would be to build Soneva Gili in the Baa Atoll (Maldives) with 15 or 20 water villas. It will be a 30-minute boat trip from Soneva Fushi because we want to use the overheads and the infrastructure of the existing resort to support the new one. For example, all the laundry would be done at Soneva Fushi and all the supplies would come from Soneva Fushi, with deliveries every two days and a daily visit by the GM, with a strong RM on site”.

“Our future strategy is to own sites that are remote but accessible, and we like institutional destinations such as Bali, where we are in discussions with a developer, and we are also looking at Ibiza. We will also introduce Soneva Secret, which is a tented camp. The first will be in the Maldives and we are hoping to open this by winter 2014. Soneva in Aqua is the next progression as we move from beach to water villa and now to a floating villa” Sonu added about other future plans of the group.

Soneva Gili was first launched in 2002 in North Male’ Atoll as the first all water villas resort in Maldives. Resort was deflagged in 2012 after management contract expired.

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