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Enhance your holiday experience and truly indulge yourself with one of the many spa treatments available in your resort spa.

Just lying on a deserted beach of a Maldivian island, taking in nothing but the continuous rhythm of the waves, the sea salt in the air and feeling the soft white sand on your bare feet is enough to sooth your senses. Each island with its green vegetation and secluded setting is a natural spa in its own right, designed to soothe, caress, and heal.

Spas set in the Maldives, thus, are perfected as the ultimate getaway cocoons in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. Traditional healing methods, that have been passed on for generations as family secrets by the hakeembe (healing experts), have been incorporated into special spa programs in the Maldivian islands.

The types of treatments vary with each spa but you can get almost any world-class treatment in a Maldivian spa. Every Maldivian resort has a spa; some of them nestled deep within thick vegetation, others sitting in solitude on a wooden jetty built on the lagoon, and some even built underwater.

Maldivian virgin coconut oil produced using age-old extraction techniques which is known among islanders for its hydrating and healthful elements is now used in some resort spas, as is the local favourite gandhakolhi leaf which is blended to treat almost any minor ache, and the traditional Maldivian sand massage used by islanders to cure muscle and joint pains.

For the ultimate healing and wellness journeys, contact us.

Dusit Thani

Deverana Spa. Multi-awarded and world recognized Thai Spa Deverana now can be found at Dusit Thani resort in Maldives. Designed with a concept of garden in heaven the Spa provides unforgettable experience for guests with its relaxing atmosphere, premium treatments and traditional Thai service and hospitality. Enjoy the wide range of services and treatments which are accompanied with quality products and special spa cuisine involving healthy food and drinks.

Hilton Iru Fushi

The Spa. Award-winning Spa at Hilton Iru Fushi welcomes guests and offers a wide range of facilities and treatments to choose from. With 20 individual spa pavilions nestled within the vegetation the spa takes a holistic approach to health and wellness with a range of treatments using modern techniques and top of the range products, as well as traditional ayurveda based principles. The complex also features hydrotherapy pools, steam, sauna, whirlpool bath and dedicated relaxing areas for the guests’ wellbeing. Yoga and meditation are also available.

Huvafen Fushi

Lime Underwater Spa.  Lime Spa will give you not only relaxed and calm feeling from treatment and services but, also, provide a unique and unforgettable atmosphere due to underwater rooms. Enjoy the treatments in the bottom of the ocean with amazing sea life views.


Lime Spa.  Lime Spa will give you complete and relaxed feeling through aromatherapy, phytotherapy, marine therapy, NIYAMA harnesses the elements of earth and sea to create unique sensory moments.